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Why Vulnerability Breeds True Art

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How do YOU define true freedom?

What role does vulnerability play with creating art and liberation?

...How does dramatic music effect the believability of a concept? 😋✌️

I was asked to join the Freedom Culture Podcast at the SuperHero Academy Camp in the jungles of Envision Festival in Costa Rica. A beautiful conversation with Julian Guderley ensued that you can watch the dramatic power cut above or the full video podcast below:


In personal news, this last week I've finally made it back home to Canada after 10 months abroad with the last month managing Casa Horizon in Nicaragua while overseeing all preparations for our next big Momentom Collective season ahead (...and surfing and ceviche with the locals and best beach dog ever, Finn, of course!)

It's been just the most powerful season of my life yet! I"m still wrapping my head around it all, so stay tuned for a more formal drop in on that reflection.

John Early surf at Casa Horizon, Playa Escameca, Nicaragua Photo by One 2 Surf Nica

John Early surf at Casa Horizon, Playa Escameca, Nicaragua Photo by One 2 Surf Nica

Familia Escameca John Early surf at Casa Horizon, Playa Escameca, Nicaragua

Finn Casa Horizon ceviche tostones playa escameca nicaragua beach dog photo by john early

We've also announced some additional guest teacher's for our upcoming Momentom Collective Residency in Indonesia (this Sept to Oct) like Cirque du Soleil's Thomas Mangin as well as Tantra Guru's Onaray and Angel. I drop in with them to discuss how they define Tantra.

***DM ME TO GET A SPECIAL 10% OFF OUR INDO ARTIST RESIDENCY!*** An epic summer season is ahead! I feel so grateful to be home - including drinking all the abundance and clean tap water and flushing all the toilet paper!

Much love from your global neighbourhood nomad, -John

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