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Stuck In My Underwear On The Biggest Day of My Professional Career

How I Ended Up Being A Tour Manager for Nintendo 2:17am Nov 18, 2012 It’s the early morning hours before the biggest day of my professional career: Today I am in charge of Nintendo’s national product launch for their new Wii U game console. Our event site will take over an entire block along downtown Toronto during the city’s Christmas parade where a half million people will flock the streets. It’s going to be busy, stressful and Nintendo Canada’s VP and GM will be in attendance overseeing the launch. Today is a big day. Except, right now, all I can think is: How did I end up in charge of this huge production…and what the HELL am I doing in the street at 2am in my underwear with my guitar?!

Two Words To Travel & Live By

Two words to live, or travel by...or is that the same thing? My Kula guru CJ Ananada (big smile on the right) once beautifully told me that above any lesson to take away from our three-week intensive yoga teacher course, if there were any two words to live by for a better, more fullfilling life it would simply state: BE PRESENT. That's it. Everything else will follow and manifest as long as you are tapping into the moment and applying yourself to it. Like a continous life meditation waking into mindfulness, living in the now will improve communication, work productivity, creative flow...and even the taste of that hot cup of coffee in your hands. Soak it up! This is why travel is so potent. I

Yoga: Historically Not 'Stretching'

Well, I've officially entered into Yogi-dom! I can't thank Kula Collective enough, not only for the amazing journey through history, anatomy, self-reflection, spiritual shamanism and of course the asanas (poses, aka stretching), but also the ability to experience it all through receiving their Dharma Grant. Muchimas gracias! But yes, let's talk about the stretching. By day one and it became quite obvious there's so much more to yoga and being an instructor than the asanas and poses. Yoga is among the oldest documented forms of spirtuality and shamanism (believing in an invisible or higher realm connected with our living world around us) and goes back over 5000 years to ancient India! Of th

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