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Understanding Sexual Alchemy with Bodhi Samuel

Sexual alchemy tantra talk with Bodhi Samuel and John Early Momentom Collective Podcast from Circus Island

What exactly is tantra and sexual alchemy? What is the difference between intimacy and sexuality? Is it possible to shift our reality and consciousness with our sexuality? Join my deep dive into the world of sexual alchemy with Bodhi Samuel – a transformational facilitator with a background in zenthai shiatsu, authentic relating and the art of deep self-reflection. Bodhi and I drop into a fun and open space to unpack many taboo and uncomfortable topics from masturbation, breaking modern sexuality stigmas, connecting to source using our senses and tools to facilitate our sexual expansion. Topic Timestamp: How do you define Tantra? - 1:12 The difference between Intimacy and Sexuality 7:05 The freedom of removing our needs and working with ‘Taking’ energy – 11:20 Masturbation VS Self Pleasure – 16:54 The History of Sexual Alchemy - 23:05 Transmuting consciousness through sexuality 30:40 Techniques to shift sexual energy to our higher centers – 35:45 The prison of society’s sexual norms - 44:55 The spiritual ego dilemma – 48:21 The myths of bliss - 51:24 How to tackle communication before sex – 55:00 (Recorded live at our Circus Island Artist Residency, El Pital Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua) Click below for the full video podcast or to stream it on Spotify click HERE: Past episodes include: *Poranguí - The Medicine of Now & The Role Humanity Plays *Adam Roa - The Importance of Self Love & Vulnerability for our Creative Soul *Amelia Broughton – Creating Connection with Authentic Relating & Human Design

Cyrus Henry as Rufio - The Peter Pan Lost Boys of Circus Island Neverland - Momentom Collective Artist Residency

What happens when you have too much cacao and are surrounded by creative misfits that won't grow up? Well, it's a perfect time to parody the Lost Boys of Peter Pan - so we present the Cacao Boys of Circus Island! Follow our Momentom Guest Teacher Cyrus Henry (aka Ruficacao) with our Momentom crew at El Pital to find out and get a glimpse into the Never Neverland of Isla Ometepe! Video by Tony Tobias (@tonytobias.kinesis) Music - 'Icaro' by Mose (@mosemusica) Abrazos de Nicaragua Tu amigo, -John



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