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I Bought a Retreat Center in Nicaragua!

Casa Bahia Playa Marsella Viyarte John Early
After 10 years of living and traveling to Nicaragua, I'm finally investing in my own space to live in, run retreats, artist residencies and throw some next level human experiences and events!
I present to you the Casa at Playa Marsella! *(name and formal relaunch to come!) Right next to Playa Maderas and 15 minutes north of San Juan del Sur (1 hour from Costa Rica). With 15 rooms for both long and short term guests, it's own freshwater well, room for gardens, space for new construction and just a few minutes walk to the's been worth the wait!
I had worked hard over the last year to secure investment and a space in Maderas, and it proved very challenging. It had me asking if I was being persistent or just 'forcing the flow' of something that wasn't aligned. When this opportunity opened up after I got home this summer, it was clear this was why the other project had been delayed! I fly down in a couple days and we close on the property in a week!

Casa Bahia Playa Marsella Viyarte John Early Nicaragua Pool

Casa Bahia Playa Marsella Viyarte John Early Pool beach san juan del sur

I'm excited to have a soft launch this season with a retreat with @kristiworful and @vanessapanton this December, @momentomcollective takeover January and February (with Sound & Circus Residencies) and then Beyond Coaching intensive with @hollyachaya , @jakobgricar and @purelivingyogayxe in March!
It's going to be a wild adventure and big new chapter ahead. I'm excited and feel extremely grateful for this opportunity and to share the journey as it unfolds. Let's see how the space opens up into it's full potential of what it will become!
An amazing open canvass with a brave new chapter about to be written... 
I'll be posting regular updates via my Instagram stories HERE.
Stay tuned and join the journey!

Stay tuned for more updates as this wild new chapter unfolds.
Tu Amigo, 


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