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Battling the Dog for the Christmas Goat Leg

My most memorable holiday meal began as I answer the door to find my neighbour shoving a giant, freshly butchered goat’s hind leg into my arms. “Fresh, Fresh!” he ensures with his minimal English. His words were redundant. The smell was enough to verify the raw state of death’s freshness. “Merry Christmas!” he laughs as he waltzes away like a Santa Claus out of PETA hell. You have goat to be kidding me... So there I stand, a 12-year-old petrified with confusion, grasping the lower half of a local farm animal at my front door. The fact I’m clueless as to who had just made this delightful offering did not pop into my head. My sole thought was the simple desire to not be holding onto a severed

"Endlessly entertaining and enlightening."
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What do a  monk, a stripper and LSD have in common?     My New Book.

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