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Morning Maté: The Value of Turning Up a Bad Idea

Do bad ideas and 80's pop music really have anything in common? Like anything in life it's how you approach them. As I discuss in this week's Morning Maté, your openness to turning it up often makes the difference between finding the value in a disliked idea...and belting out Toto's Rain's Down in Africa at the top of your lungs :) Decide for yourself in the video below, filmed along the beautiful riverside of downtown Saskatoon: Tricky decisions and potentially bad ideas are the daily norm for every world backpacker, entrepreneur or self-published author (or all of the above?) trying to tread new territory. That's why this snippet from Chapter 5: Por Qué No? from my book Tales of the M

Explaining a Mexican Carnival

A Photo Journal Revealing the Flair of the Mexican Fair: Carnivals and fairs around the world all follow the same rulebook for cheap entertainment: greasy junk food, unsafe ways to spin in circles and games designed to rip you off via freaky carnies. In Mexico—where shenanigans are more prevalent, drinking is the national pastime and overall standards are always diminished—the carnival I experienced in Sayulita exemplifies just that. It is a night of drunken laughs, questionable safety and copious head scratching. Come along and discover the wonderful world (and logic) behind the traveling Mexican carnival!
Vamanos amigos! Throw a rock, smash a bottle…win a beer! Pay 25 pesos ($1.50) for thr

"Endlessly entertaining and enlightening."
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