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~You Are Not Your Mind~

John Early on Playa Maderas, double exposure photo by Misty Moss, Nicaragua beach Momentom Collective

Photo by Misty Moss

You Are Not Your Mind.

What a both terrifying AND liberating statement.

I am not my mind? But this is who I am! I am me!

These are MY thoughts. MY beliefs. This is MY identity. I’ve worked so hard to get to know and be…ME!

Why would I disassociate from the only definition

I have admission for who I am?

I understand myself. I create my thoughts. I feel my emotions.

I am conscious! My mind is conscious!

I am freely thinking and being right now.

In actuality, I define my reality

by those two things: thinking and being.

So, if I fill my existence always thinking

…what about my existence just being?

Let’s play with this concept.

How can I lean into the expansion and openness

Of not being confined to my mind? Simple being-ness. This freedom to be much more infinite and vast

than neurons firing between synapses.

What happens when I begin to reject and collapse

The placebo affect of my individual intellect?

If I am not my mind, I am nothing


I belong to this subtle foundational glow of life

This energetic evolution to exist.

Not that having no mind means switching off

But that I’m boundlessly part of the On.

The Collective On.

Tuned in, aware and part of

The base conscious resonance.

The mind just happens to be how our physical bodies

have evolved to interpret our aliveness, our beingness.

How liberating to contemplate

my fate is more than a simple operating system I navigate

to interface with my physical reality and other layers of being

The human brain is an attempt by the universe to understand itself.

So what if I were to quit trying to understand myself?

Quit busying my reality with internal and external

judgments of my mental operating system

…and embrace beingness.

Human beingness.

Absence of mind.

Presence in mindfulness.

I embrace human beingness.

This is not a terrifying statement at all.

But simple liberation.


Momentom Collective Podcast - Bradley Kohn hosted by John Early

'Self Mastery of the Mind & Flow State' Episode 19 of the Momentom Podcast features Bradley Kohn, a modern British renaissance man. He is a multi-platinum awarded record producer, songwriter, stuntman, extreme sports athlete and founder of Neurohacker - a coaching program for self-mastery and peak performance. Join our conversation HERE as we dive into the following:

Topic Time Marks:

Bradley’s path to being a Self Mastery Coach – 1:35

How do you define flow state? – 3:10

‘You are not your mind’ and how the mind interrupts Flow State – 5:47

Our addiction to thinking – 9:14

Neurohacker and cognitive biases – 16:25

Do we over stress the importance of our life purpose? – 20:36

The most common blockages toward self-mastery - 29:53

The importance of art as a tool for self-mastery - 35:55

What does it mean to ‘wake up’ and the current ‘woke’ culture - 39:13

Defining consciousness – 45:17 *You can also stream all of our Momentom Podcasts via Apple Podcasts HERE

Momentom Collective - Artist Residency Applications Open photo by Austin Queen

Photo by Austin Queen

It's happening!

We've launched applications for our next Momentom Collective Artist Residency season to get a head start on plans so once international travel opens up we can hit the ground running with who is interested in joining us. We also have some exciting plans for introducing a permaculture focused Residency in Costa Rica and ideation phase for building a permanent Residency home! Check out our website above for more info :)

Sending everyone love and as many states of no-mind as you can not think of! (See below for further lack of non thoughts I'm mindfully not not thinking to send)

Tu Amigo,


Not Thinking of You - Zen Birthday Card by Bizarro


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