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New Hour Mix: Endless Summer Vol III!

Endless Summer Mixtape Vol III - John Early, Artwork by Maria Delgado Playa Maderas

Happy Summer Solstice!

To celebrate the longest day of the year - as well, Fête de la Musique in France where everyone is encouraged to play music outside in their neighbourhoods and parks (we need more national holidays like this!) - I put out a new hour long mix!

From groovy indie pop to dreamy electronica, Vol. III of my Endless Summer series is ready for your next roadtrip, just add sunshine ;)

The full visualizer is on Youtube and ad free audio on Soundcloud

With this release, I'm also stoked to collaborate with the amazing Nicaraguan artist Maria Del Gao (@mariadelgado) with her vintage collage cover art overlooking the shark fin of Playa Maderas!

*For more on Maria and her art check out


John Early surf playa maderas escameca yankee nicaragua barrel mar ocean curl

Speaking of Playa Maderas, I've finally left Nicaragua! I made it back to Canada after spending the longest time this little nomad's ever spent living in one place as an 'a-dult' ... 7 months!

(Yes, that's a lot for me!) Playa Maderas has treated me well as I wrapped up my 10th year traveling/living in Nicaragua (amongst many other countries) and I've got a feeling we'll be writing many more chapters together! In the meantime, here is my latest surf poem in ode to her magical waters I was fortunate to visit and surf each day and all the existential thoughts that come with it: ~Kinetically Connecting~

A tidal pull bellows down From its heavenly lunar orbit The horizon ripples

Something is arriving Kinetically connecting The other side of the world Liquid energy in motion As far as the eye can see A thousand miles This blip of oceanic frequency has traveled Just to meet with a thundering crash Where sea floor collides with the coast And here I reside to ride What a serendipitous thing to catch Merging myself into The grand finale of such a wild series Of super/natural events The only thing I can do Is laugh -j

john early surf laugh paddle out surfing nicaragua playa maderas escameca yankee


Tu Amigo,



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