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The Best Way to Practice Gratitude in 2018

Feliz Año Nuevo amigos! It's that time of year when people reflect on the year behind, the year ahead and what goals they can implement - now - to getting more out of their daily life on this colourful and abundant planet we're fortunate to call home. Let's focus on the now part. My resolution this year is not focused on temporary diets, travel plans or bucket list check-offs...but simply being more aware and grateful for the daily gifts we already have and often take for granted. Family, good health and full belly's are always important to be thankful for, but I find it's the small things that often get overlooked in our busy world of routine. Things like laughing with strangers, not get

"Endlessly entertaining and enlightening."
Tales of the Modern Nomad Book by Author John Early - travel writing, backpacker, wanderlust, non-fiction, memoir, adventure,
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What do a  monk, a stripper and LSD have in common?     My New Book.

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