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A Peek Inside My Personal Journal

John Early in Saskatoon - Live a life worth journaling

It’s my final week in Saskatoon for the (s)un foreseable future! (...I mean ‘making plans’ is SO 2019) ⠀ No better way to start a new chapter than to start a new journal! This little guy (#17) has been the longest I’ve had a journal before filling it - at 15 months! And holy mittens there are some GEMS of insights and moments captured in it. ⠀ There’s something so special about filtering thoughts and ideas through mind, body, hand to pen and onto paper to manifest those creative firings out into the physical world. It’s like a simultaneous upload/download of thought and expression to free yourself and make room for more ideas to come in. ⠀ Who else still writes in a journal these days? One thing I do intend to plan on is filling the next one sooner than the last! ✌️📚🌎🤗 Here are a couple sneak peeks into my journal from a wild year of managing some incredible international projects. *For more insight from the pages check out my Instagram post HERE

John Early's journal - Live a life worth journaling

'We're all just walking each other home' Ram Das quote - John Early's Journal Live a life worth journaling

'Don't trust the right thing, done for the wrong reasons' quote to live by - John Early's Journal Live a life worth journaling

On the Momentom front our Artist Residency project's are still going full steam ahead! The Green Residency in Costa Rica at Central America's original permaculture home Punta Mona (led by Gabrielle Bonneville) as well as Circus Island at El Pital Cacao Paradise on Ometepe, Nicaragua - which I'll be leading with Therese Lowton and our Nica fam!

Check out a little video sneak peek at how the space is transforming at El Pital below and the epic Guest Teacher lineup coming together!

For more info click HERE. *Sending everyone love and safety down in Nicaragua as this late season Iota hurricane (the strongest storm to hit the country) hits the north eastern part of the country. So far it sounds like a lot of rain and not as devastating on the Pacific side (where most of our crew and population are) than on the north eastern Atlantic side towards Honduras. Last night it had weakened to a tropical storm. Take care of each other!

Momentom Collective Circus Island Guest Teacher Lineup 2021 - Ometepe Nicaragua at El Pital

In the meantime, the ocean is calling. Time to pickup the phone!

Nicaragua, See you in two weeks!

The frozen flow of water here is a little different and I miss the continuous roar of your jungle energy reminding me I’m alive and part of something greater than myself.

Keep living a life worth journaling everyone! We need to make that time for self expression and introspection these days more than ever!

Tu amigo, -John

PS Last call If you need a cool Christmas gift idea, reply to this email if you'd like a custom signed copy of my book Tales of the Modern Nomad - Monks, Mushrooms & Other Misadventures. it's my final days to ship signed copies - with all proceeds towards Integral Heart Foundation!

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