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Naked in a Desert Sphere

When in Black Rock City… “Hey, why is everyone getting naked at the end of the line?” The words blurt out of my mouth like an awkward afterthought. “So…” I continue. “This isn’t the lineup for free guacamole?” I look to my left and catch my sweaty reflection in a pair of oversized silver steampunk goggles. The midday desert heat continues to press down on our skin. The sun feels intent on dehydrating us. A gold veil underneath the goggles answers. “Oh, there’s still guac. The neon Viking chick is handing it out.” “Ok, perfect.” I go back to playing with a rainbow slinky someone passed me. I quickly stop, then look up. “So…why is everyone naked?” Steam Bath Project photo via their IndieGo

The Daily Dilemmas of a Traveler

Guatemala X Getting Sick X Expectation = Perspective Every traveler has one of those days. A day where things just don’t come together as planned and it spirals downward until you start to question why you’re even traveling in the first place. Today, I’m having one of those days. And it sucks. I have finally gotten word back from the local clinic that I picked up a parasite in Antigua. This officially explains my last five days of needing a spare bundle of toilet paper in my day bag and backpack (damn you unwashed lettuce!). Sure, every long-term traveler in Guatemala will likely come across this issue at least once (or thrice), but getting the prescriptions without being able to pick up a

Thank You! $1000 donated to Integral Heart Foundation in Guatemala

We did it! $1000 has been donated to the amazing intiative that is the Integral Heart Foundation and it couldn't have happened without everyone's support behind buying, sharing and supporting my book: Tales of the Modern Nomad. Muchas gracias a todos! This money might not be a lot to some people, but it's a lot for a self-published traveling author and especially a big amount that will go a long ways towards the IHF initiative to help educate, feed and give a caring home for over 80 street kids here in Guatemala. Gettting the chance to see first hand the difference this centre has had on these young lives has been incredible. Take Maria, who 8 years ago was living in and scavenging in

"Endlessly entertaining and enlightening."
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What do a  monk, a stripper and LSD have in common?     My New Book.

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