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What is Perception? - New Psychedelic Spoken Word Video

What is truth? What is Perception? - Trippy Eyeball John Early Costa Rica

What is perception?

How malleable is truth?

How do our beliefs effect the reality we manifest?

Get ready for a tongue twisting rabbit hole of reflections on comprehending our collective reality with my spoken word piece ‘The Insoluble Facts of Perception’

Filmed at our Momentom Green Residency in Costa Rica by our video maestro Tony Tobias (@tonytobias.kinesis) ⁩ with epic animations from his brother Ale (@kami2tobias)!

Big shout out to Fernando Blanco (@vequium)⁩ for letting me play with his amazing novia Vequi - aka his vector equilibirum bamboo magic!

***Watch the video on YouTube below and comment with your thoughts or reflections on it, and check the full written transcript at the end of this blog


Circle Massage Train - Momentom Collective Acro Yoga Workshop at Shambhala 2022

This last week we had so much fun teaching Yoga and acro at Shambhala Festival for a 4th year! Shambhala is known as the wildest party in Canada, so it was beautiful for us to share some workshops and introspection to balance out the forest dance floors, lasers and bass bins. Big thank you to Miles (@mklifeov) and Brenna (@purelivingyogayxe) for such an effortless collab and sharing your passion for connection, play and introspection!

The Village Stage - Shambhala Festival 2022 - John Early

Momentom Collective Artist Residency Season Timeline 2022

We're continuing to roll out our Momentom season ahead and getting ready for a fall and winter of intensive in music, permaculture, authentic relating and embodied movement (among many other offerings!)

Click HERE for more info on the experience and for the rest of our season lineup :)

~ Here is the full writeup for my spoken word piece from the video above:

'The Insoluble Facts of Perception' by John Early Perception.

What is perception?

What is this concept of consciousness that determines the world around us?

This gathering of information in an attempt to process our individual and collective reality.

What is this impressionable observation that gives meaning to life’s experience?

Perception is the result of our consciousness interacting in a three dimensional reality, entangled with time in a linear collection of awareness, accumulating experience to help shape new ones.More ways to perceive further incomings of information to actualize.

More context to conceptualize.

But Information, what is information?

We receive information as a series of words in our mind - with predetermined meaning - to help create new meanings. Deeper context for more words.

Words that go into our thoughts and the thoughts that go into our words, to create our beliefs. The beliefs that trigger our emotions that cascade into our decisions that come out through our actions and create our reality. An attempt to get closer to what we perceive as truth.

What is truth? How are facts different than truth?

We say facts as if they are absolute truth, but facts are just a packet of words and information believed to be true by one point of perception but not necessarily by a higher truth.

Absolute truth goes above and beyond that. And there is a multiple spiraling out of greater truths expanding out past what any one perceiver can comprehend from its base level of observation. This is source consciousness.

Fact: The sun rises and sets every day.

This is a fact.

Here on earth in this body, this accumulation of molecules and life force that I call my 'self', I see it every day. I perceive it and believe it to be true. It is a fact.

Absolute truth: The sun never sets.

It is always just there.

We are turning. We are the ones spinning backwards, we are the ones spiraling out, perceiving an incorrect absolute truth. And above that would spiral out a greater absolute truth that we cannot comprehend right now, that would change our interpretation of what the sun is, shift that fact, and what we deem to be truth in how we create our reality.

Perception, like our minds - and just like truth - is very malleable.

Because they are all the same thing.

Perception, Such a silly structure of consciousness.

That is a fact.


I hope everyone is choosing to live in their truth and highest perception this summer!

Tu Amigo,


John Early - Universe Perception psychedelic art galactic space cosmos


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