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The Best Way to Practice Gratitude in 2018

John Early Mazunte, Mexico Punta Cometa

Feliz Año Nuevo amigos! It's that time of year when people reflect on the year behind, the year ahead and what goals they can implement - now - to getting more out of their daily life on this colourful and abundant planet we're fortunate to call home.

Let's focus on the now part. My resolution this year is not focused on temporary diets, travel plans or bucket list check-offs...but simply being more aware and grateful for the daily gifts we already have and often take for granted. Family, good health and full belly's are always important to be thankful for, but I find it's the small things that often get overlooked in our busy world of routine. Things like laughing with strangers, not getting upset over trival problems or enjoying a hot cup of coffee whenever we want, can make for magical moments...if we take the energy to bring awareness to it! So my goal is to spend two minutes upon waking each morning with thanks and gratitude by acknowledging the big and small things that make life abundant in moments worth living and appreciating. Beyond that, I'm also giving gratitude for things I wish to manifest in my life. I'm believing and sending thanks as if they've already happened.

So simple. So powerful.

It's a true way to start and shape your day.

The influence of positive thought and manifestation is real. We construct our individual realities through our thoughts, so let's start by sending our appreciation into the world for all we have - and will have. How will you practice the power of gratitude in 2018?


Above: I'm not sure how my phone made a random compilation of my favourite photos and videos of the last year...but I am so grateful for the people and places that ignite a creative fire of passion and ideas that continue to open opportunities to sustain further travel.

Gracias a todos! Below: #TheFinalFiesta 2017 in Nicaragua

Free and Easy Traveler The Final Fiesta 2017, Playa Hermosa Nicaragua  New Year's Eve

In other news, I just capped off my 5th year managing Free & Easy Traveler's wild 10-day Final Fiesta NYE bash with over 120 people in Nicaragua! As became this year's impromptu catch phrase...what a rush!

It's no easy feat pulling off the traveling festival of high flying shenanigans that is this trip and I owe a big thanks to the FnEZ staff and all the group members that came in ready to throw down some good vibes for 2 weeks straight! That said...high energy, over-stimulating events can take a lot out of anyone. I know personally that I can only sustain myself through a balance of solo time to recalibrate. Nothing is more efficient at creating a reset in limited time like yoga and meditation. Check out my article on the basics of meditation HERE:

FnEZ's The Final Fiesta Nicaragua NYE Yoga on the Beach Handstand headstand

FnEZ Final FIesta Nicaragua Live Free

FnEZ Final FIesta Nicaragua Live Free Family Photo

Well, I'm off from one circus and on to the next! (Literally)

We kick off the Momentom Collective Circus Island Artist Residency in only TWO days. So keep in touch with how this wild co-living/ co-training/ co-inspiring project unfolds! (Check out my Instagram story feed for an inside look at how it's coming together)

Sending love and gratitude to all of you smiling humans!

Tu amigo,


Momentom Collective Tripod! MagRock Sunset 2018

Above: Within hours of wrapping up the Final Fiesta trip and sending off over 100 people to the airport...I went straight into a 3 day meeting with my Momentom Collective partners Gabby and Therese at Magnific Rock to plan our season of Artist Residencies, festival routes and launch of our new creative branding packages. Here we go 2018!


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