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Samprati Hum - John Early ft Earl Pereira and Christian Kongawi (Artwork by El Tripador)

Samprati Hum – Sanskrit Mantra [Sahm.prah.tee.hum] ‘The Present moment is my true self’ > Your presence is your power. Samprati: - now, at present, at this time - to trust in, believe firmly in - to decide, settle, determine Hum: - a state of being, actively engaged in activity - ‘I’ or ‘I am’ Ananda: *(in Hinduism, Buddhism, an Jainism) -extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being

I'm really honoured to finally release my new single featuring my Saskatoon music brothers Earl Pereira and Christian Kongawi!

It's always fascinating what music feels like it wants to come through when you open up to the flow of music. Apparently all the Paul Simon, yoga mantras and Brazilian Samba came together (sprinkled with some Lion King for good measure) to fuse this original world medicine song into being.

You can also listen to it on my artist Spotify page HERE:

And thank you Adrián Callejas (@eltripador) for the artwork!

Circus Island 2021 Momentom Collective Artist Residency (Photo by Therese Lowton)

Above: Circus Island Family Photo

Below: Helping teach acro yoga during our daily schedule of meditation, yoga, circus arts, authentic relating, permaculture and more

*Photos by Therese Lowton (@tlowton)

Momentom Circus Island Acro Yoga Class with John Early (Photo by Therese Lowton)

We're in our final two weeks of our extended three month Circus Island Artist Residency...and WOW. I'm continously blown away by the creative minds and embodied spirits that get drawn to our project. And excited to expand further into having more local artists join our international Momentom fam!

Our latest video from Circus Island showcases the reflections of one of our Local Artist Scholarship recipients, Ivan Saballos, on his experience at our Momentom Artist Residency on Isla Ometepe as well as his hopes and aspirations for Nicaragua to find expansion and love through self expression!

Dale pues hermano!


Momentom Collective Indonesia Artist Residency Sumbawa 2021

*Momentom Indonesia Poster by @aephiclesjourney

We're going to need some time to decompress after such a wild and full past 3+ months, but we're already looking forward to getting back to Indonesia for our Artist Residency on Sumbawa Island this September and October! For more info check HERE with more details to come soon!

I'm wishing everyone presence in their week ahead - and let's allow that presence to be our power!

Abrazos de Isla Ometepe Tu amigo, -John PS Follow the journey on my Insta and stories HERE

John Early at Inanitah, Isla Ometepe Sunset Nicaragua

*Photo by Alex Carvs at Inanitah, Isla Ometepe


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