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Hair Hanging with Infinity to Remain

Hair Hanging - Julien Desforges of Momentom Collective at Visionaries Costa Rica

What happens When we start to comprehend A timeline that has no beginning or end Stretching us and our minds out Causing our individual reality to bend An eternity of nothingness To get us here and then, disappear Yet here we are Smack in the middle of it A time space continuum Of a galactic void vacuum Our presence etched In a brief reality check, that heck, We’re only the speck of a fleck Of this infinite existence Subjective substance That in eternity’s instance We hardly exist We exert the entirety of our brevity For our individual molecules of matter To matter In a Billion years time frame We mean no-thing Yet, what happens When we start to comprehend and claim The brilliance of our love From a Billion years absence of This miracle of particles Consciously chooses love Infinity to remain The nothingness now means Everything. -J Early 'Infinity To Remain'


It was really special to be invited to perform and teach a workshop at the Visionaries Immersion gathering in Costa Rica - an incredible summit of creative minds seeking new ways to inspire and cocreate the future! ⠀ Here’s a short teaser above from our Momentom Collective performance featuring

  • Julien Desforges (@juliendesforges.slackline) on Slackline & Hairhanging

  • Gabrielle Bonneville (@gaby_boop) with Embodied Dance & Maskwork,

  • Dakota (@dak_ota_kat) on Spanish guitar

And myself sharing my above spoken word piece ‘Infinity To Remain’ to fuse it all together. It was really beautiful to create with some of the Momentom fam again! ⠀

John Early, spoken word from Momentom Collective at Visionaries Immersion Costa Rica 2021 (Photos  by @Aluxcr)

Momentom Collective at Visionaries Immersion Costa Rica 2021

(Photos by @Aluxcr)

Gabrielle Bonneville, from Momentom Collective at Visionaries Immersion Costa Rica 2021 (Photos  by @Aluxcr)

I was recently asked to be a guest on A Satisfied Mind Podcast hosted by Mikey Ellis. Click above to join our discussion on creative transformation, community, connection and sacred clowning.

As well in other news, I've continued my Costa Rica tour to connect and learn from the founders of many different community projects in this amazing country including: Holos in Diamante Valley, Yacumama in Ojochel, Awake in Uvita, Selva Armonia outside Uvita and Brave Earth near La Fortuna.

I'm excited to share more of the downloads soon from seeing how so many amazing young minds are cultivating new paradigms for how we live together and with nature!

Speaking of which we've launched our lineup for our Green Residency at Puna Mona this fall! Check out our incredible poster by Charlie Orellana below!

I hope you are sending love out into your day to give meaning to this magical infinity around us!

Tu Amigo,


Green Residency Momentom Collective at Punta Mona Permaculture Community Costa Rica Puerto Viejo


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