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Ocean Activism & The Truth of Being a Mermaid

Hannah Mermaid - Momentom Collective Podcast hosted by John Early - Ocean Activism and the Truth of Being a Mermaid

To understand a mermaid...shorely you must become a mermaid!

But seariously, ever wonder what it takes to become a professional mermaid and passionate ocean activist? What can we do to connect with and save our oceans?

And maybe more do mermaids have sex and what's the deal with dolphin orgies? ✨🐬😅⠀

Well all of these topics came up as I dive into the incredible world of Hannah Fraser aka Hannah Mermaid at last season's Momentom Collective Artist Residency in Indonesia. We discuss the challenges of underwater photo shoots with sharks, why we need to protect the sentience of the ocean and all its creatures...and she turns me into a Merman! (And yes, it's hard to wear seashells when I can hardly fit into B-Shells!) 🐚👙🌊⠀⠀

⠀***The Momentom Podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Hannah Mermaid and John Early - Momentom Collective Podcast at Whales and Waves Sumbawa Indonesia - Merman!

The After After Hours Mixtape Dj Set by John Early - Psychedelic Album Art Work Cover by El Tripador chill trippy universe third eye

In honour of this past Burning Man Week, I’ve got a new mix and series out for that post Playa decompression!⠀~The After ^fter Hours~ ⠀

For those late night smoky and psychedelically sensual vibes, ready to puddle up – but still energy to see where the night could fly and flow into. ✨ 🍄👁🎶💋⠀

That’s the setting I was eager to paint with a 60 minute soundtrack. I hope you vibe and journey into these tracks as much as I have putting it out together.



*I had a blast putting together the epic artwork with El Tripador and visualizer with Isuru.


Whether you feel like a fish out of water or like you've come out of your Playa haze, take care of each other out there in our crazy default world. It's a pretty magical place.

Tu Amigo,

-John PS It's just dawned on me that my lucky blue scarf is the only thing that I've traveled with every year for my last 13 years of travel!

John Early at Burning Man 2011 - Rites of Passage, Playa Black Rock City blue scarf temple burn


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