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Envision Festival X The Jungle Circus Camp

Luna Stage 2017 Envision Festival, Uvita Costa Rica

Envision Festival in Costa Rica is not your typical gathering of people in the jungle. Beyond the party and musical production, Envision takes a focus on sustainability, yoga, permaculture, art and open discussions as a global community ready to thrive - like the jungle - as a collective.

Being a part of the Montreal/Nicaragua based circus arts crew, Momentom Collective, we setup camp in the jungle for another year of growth, learning and laughs. Here is a photo journal of some of the experience. Pura Vida! -John Early

Momentom Collective Festival Lineup Acro Yoga

Jasmin and Ori entertaining the lineup of early arrivals waiting to get the best shade spots to camp at the festival.

'You have Arrived' journal sketch by John Early

The nomad's objective to always be arriving.

Funky Bunch Circus Camp Envision Festival 2017

The Momentom Collective jungle circus camp getting setup. (Photo by Therese Lowton)

Jungle Acro Yoga Whakapaingia Envision Festival 2017

When reknowned acro yoga guru, Whakapaingia, is apart of your camp...there's no shortage of people that will take flight.

Aerial silks and acro yoga circus camp envision 2017

Lazy afternoons beating the jungle heat in the shade of our jungle living room.

The Lapa Stage 2017 Envision Festival (Photo by John Early)

The final touches get added to the Lapa Stage.

Jungle directions and signage Envision Festival 2017 Costa Rica (Photo by John Early)

Jungle directions.

Bamboo Construction Nest in The Village Envision Festival 2017 (Photo by John Early)

The bamboo nest in the Village.

The Village Stage Stephen Brooks Envision Festival 2017 (Photo by John Early)

One of the Envision founders, Stephen Brooks, gives a talk on the power of permaculture.

Nidra yoga tent at Envision Festival 2017 (Photo by Therese Lowton)

A yoga nidra session enters the bliss phase under one of the two main yoga tents. (Photo by Therese Lowton)

Driftwood art sculpture Envision Festival 2017 (Photo by John Early)

The communal lounge area and driftwood art makes for ideal siesta space.

Author John Early and Acro Yoga Master Whakapaingia Envision Festival 2017

Whaka and I dig in on the Krishna Cafe curry, eggplant fritters and mango chutney.

Sol Stage Envision Festival 2017

Sol Stage lighting up the night.

Momentom Collective Circus Crew Performing at Envision Festival 2017

The Momentom Collective girls backstage getting reading to perform on Luna Stage (Evelyn, Therese and Safron).

Acro Yoga on Luna Stage Envision Festival 2017

Jasmin and Ori performing their acro routine on Luna Stage. (Photo by Therese Lowton)

The Marketplace in the Village at Envision 2017

All night snacks and shops open at the Village.

Envision Art Gallery 2017 (Photo by John Early)

The world class surrealist exhibit of the Envision Gallery.

Makhno Mata Psychedelic Jungle Art

The jungle image was only visible from certain angles. Art by Makhno Mata.

Psychedelic wood working art Envision Festival 2017 (Photo by John Early)

Intricate 3D woodwork perfection.

Sunrise set by Random Rab at Luna Stage Envision Festival 2017 (Photo by John Early)

Random Rab's infamous sunrise set at Luna Stage.

Sunrise set peeps apple party

Sunrise apple party!

A walk through the marketplace path to the beach Envision Fetival 2017 (Photo by John Early)

The market path to the beach.

Blue clay play at Sunset Envision 2017 (Photo by John Early)

You can't Envision without a little blue clay session.

Festival beach pile

Shedding the night's attire.

Lapa Stage day time afternoon at Envision Festival 2017 (Photo by John Early)

Afternoon sets at Lapa Stage.

Therese Lowton, Momentom COllective  Envision Festival 2017 (Photo by John Early)

Therese in full cat mode.

The crew hit up the Funk Hunters afternoon takeover.

The before and aftermath of our festival tent alter.

Acro Yoga Aerial Silks Jungle fun at Envision Fetival Camp Momentom Collective John Early


Until next year Envision. Let's see if our personal growth can keep up the pace with your jungle.

For more information about the Momentom Collective's ongoing Artist Residency and April Retreat in Nicaragua click HERE. Come visit and play with us :) For more information about my wild new book 'Tales of the Modern Nomad - Monks, Mushrooms & Other Misadventures' click HERE. The hardcover is now shipping worldwide but stay tuned for the eBook to be released this month! Pura Vida a todos! Tu amigo, -John Early


To get a feel of the fire of Luna Stage at night and the on stage performance of Momentom Collective, check out this sick video our good friend Dunks of The Funk Hunters put together of their set Friday night:


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