The Myth Of Circus Island Begins...

February 17, 2018



"Community is the new Buddha."
-Thich Nhat Hanh

..."Have you heard of that island on Lake Nicaragua?"
..."Did you hear about that off-the-grid circus and yoga community?"

The rumours are true.

We've created a collective of circus misfits, creative nomads, driven yogi's, and entrepreneurial minds craving a new way to thrive in a community. It's only been a few weeks but the daily magic we've been able to co-generate on Circus Island has been truly special. We train together. Live together. Cook together. And grow together. We hold a shared space for teaching each other with the realization that everyone has something to learn and share with the other.

Unconventionally inclusive. Radically authentic.


This has been some of the hardest I've worked to see a project through and to witness the magic unfold on a daily basis...there's no stopping what's manifesting. Check out some of the photos below taken at our Momentom Collective Nicaragua Artist Residency. 

 The opening day yoga class led by Momentom founder Gabrielle Bonneville. 


A contact improv workshop led by Jeff Kirdeikis and Lisa Renee


Daily sunset aerial jam on the Cord de Lis. Photo by Mirin Mooney. 


 All smiles be the resident vibe as captured by Momentom founder Therese Lowton.


 Family photo of the February Circus Island residents.

WIth over 30 classes, workshops and guest speakers throughout the week curated by both the in-house team and residents, no one day is the same. From sunrise tai chi, contact improv dance and fire flow arts to acro yoga, artistic marketing workshops, cyrpto currency investment talks and sunset aerial silks...there is no shortage of ways to transform yourself, bridge your art with entrepreneurship and have a blast with like minded people in the process!


Here's a montage of some of the videos left on my phone from the first two weeks on our solar powered Circus Island:

Friday fire show with Kenzie Mitzner on Circus Island. Photo by Therese Lowton. 


In other news, my book Tales of the Modern Nomad has made it to London! (Thank you @caromelenvzla for sending the pic) That brings the total to TWENTY countries that my book has been shipped to or read in! Wow! I can't thank everyone enough for the support and helping get this book around the world!


*It's also just been picked up by two huge retail stores:

- Indigo Signal Hill in Calgary, A.B

- Chapters Kelowna in B.C.


So spread the word and let's hope to keep the book on the shelves in these new locations! You can always order the ebook or hardcover (at preorder prices) as well HERE. *If you have any photos of the book in a crazy place, please send it to me at to be featured!

Stay tuned for more amazing updates from Central America including next week's opening of our Guatemala Artist Residency at Eagle's Nest in San Marcos and Bali in the fall!We've got very limited spaces left in Nica and Guatemala through May and June, but if you or a good friend you know would thrive in our community, please tell them to apply to join us HERE.

Sending love and gratitude to all of you creative nomads!

Tu amigo,





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