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Sign Language & The Art Of Getting Robbed

Nicaragua Protests 2018 Photo Courtesy of LA Times

"Kindness is the language

the deaf can hear

and the blind can see." -Mark Twain

I had my first sign language class this week. What a beautiful and intuitive language! My new friend, Linnea, is a proud First Nations woman, was born deaf and recently moved to Saskatoon. Our friendship stemmed from us crossing paths late at night in a very challenging situation, which, through being open to holding supportive space for a stranger when they needed it, has had a big impact on both of our lives.

There is so much I feel grateful and give thanks for in my life of privilege, and now I am adding the ability to hear the world around us and simply speak and be heard near the top of the list! (Also, fun ASL fact of the day, jazzy trumpet fingers over your heart means cool! Love it! haha)

Linnea is currently without money, a home or job and it's my summer goal to find her something that can uplift her while getting her some financial security. (In the meantime, if anyone wants to join in on some sign language classes with me for a donation to her, drop me a line!) It feels good to help a stranger and new friend when they need it. "Help yourself by helping others", as John Templeton said. It also renews your faith in community. ...Ironically, the next day I got robbed in the same area I met Linnea. Hmm. Now, I've been robbed a few times along my travels. (For those that have read my book might recall the story 'How to Get Robbed in Mexico'.) I feel like I've gotten good at how to approach it. I actually filmed a Morning Maté talk that night called 'The Art of Getting Robbed':

The Art of Getting Robbed video - John Early

Because it is an art. The art is how you CHOOSE to react to the situation, your emotions and in turn what you let the person steal from you other than the material possessions taken. It's not easy, and yes, it still sucks. But after that settles, it is then up to you to choose if the person will also take your beliefs and perceptions, particularly to strangers, areas in your community and ability to stay non-judgemental to sex, race, minorities, or other demographics. Don't let it happen. We need faith in each other and our communities now more than ever.


Speaking of communities, our Momentom Collective Artist Residency in Guatemala is officially set to return to San Marcos on Lake Atitlan Nov 1st until Jan 31st! Check out our official tribute to stepping into your passion with an incredible spoken word piece by our good friend Hart Floe Poet filmed on location at last season's residence! Earlybird pricing for Guatemala is now on for the next two weeks! Find more info and apply HERE.

Guatemala Momentom Collective Artist residency community photo by John Early

Since community seems to be the theme, I'm also happy to announce I'll be giving a talk on The Unconventionalities of High Vibe Communities at Sask Soul Fest in Regina July 28th! It's a full day of workshops, yoga, energy healers, talks, local vendors, acro yoga and other ideas and skills worth sharing. (DM me if you'd like a discount on a day pass.)

So many lessons to learn from all the unexpected places! I hope you set forth in the week ahead with the awareness that you alone are capable of choosing how you react to your emotions and experiences so that we can continue to create positive lessons instead of negative weight.

Tu amigo


John Early author live workshop talk at Sask Soul Fest Regina Wascana park


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