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Around the World in 8 Months! Our Season WrapUp Finale

Momentom Collective - Envision Festival Encore Performance Luna Stage Photo by Eric Allen February 2020

In the final days of our last Momentom Collective Artist Residency in Nicaragua, I sat down with Tony Tobias to recap the season: 4 International Residencies and 2 Festival Theme Camps and Mainstage Performances across 4 countries, over 200 Residents with over 1000 workshops held...Definitely a season for the books!

I have SO MUCH LOVE to all the people, artists, teachers and healers that continue to get called to our project and community, for everyone's continuous support in this cocreation and support in each other's personal and collective journey. Especially to my two (mildly insane) partners Therese Lowton and Gabrielle Bonneville for your continued commitment to this crazy adventure! Just wow.

I feel more gratitude than ever for what we've been able to live and cocreate - with it now feeling like a whole different world where travel, festival culture and physical connection seem fearful taboos and health risks. I trust this path more than ever now, as well the importance to continue to unite people through the gift of community, inspire each other through our art and connect deeper with our beautiful planet.

Gracias! Terima Kasih! Maltiox! Thank you! Watch the full recap and interview HERE or by clicking below:

Amelia Broughton momentom collective podcast hosted by John Early Authentic relating

Amelia Broughton - International Facilitator, Writer and Communication Coach

I got to dive into a vulnerable conversation with Amelia for our Momentom Podcast to discuss the practice of Authentic Relating, it's similarities with Non-Violent Communication and what Human Design is and how it relates to our understanding of our self and others. Check it out below, also available on Apple Podcasts HERE

Topic Time Stamps:

Working with triggering conversations – 10:55 Why are ‘I statements’ and Ownership Language important? – 18:20

How to navigate aggressive projections from a friend or partner – 27:51

Amelia’s favourite questions for Authentic Relating - 35:35

What is Human Design? 41:48

Does Human Design place labels on us? - 54:15


Our last Cabaret winner Yindra with his piece 'We Need More Time'

I'm SUPER excited to host our 3rd Passionately (Un)Talented Momentom Show later today at 6pm EST! We have an epic lineup of international artists including magician and mentalist James Fabulous, psychedelic visual artist Symprez and sword swallower Kaylie Kreatrix!

All proceeds go towards the artist and project and the audience gets to vote for who they think walks away with our $150 'Best in Show' prize! Check out last Cabaret winner Yindra above for the new way you can create powerful storytelling using your phone!

Join us by checking out our live ticketed events HERE Stay inspired, full of love and trust in your individual and collective path, The world definitely needs a lot of it right now Big love from Nicaragua -John

Momentom Collective digital online Cabaret - Passionately Untalented Cabaret Poster by Adrian


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