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Managing a Community in Quarantine in Nicaragua

Cacao Ceremony - Momentom Artist Residency, Maderas Nicaragua 2020 - Photo by Misty Moss

Hi friends,

sooooo it's been a while since I've reached out with my monthly newsletter...and how the world has changed since! Here's the roller coaster last 3.5 months managing Momentom Collective in a nutshell:

  • we wrapped up our Circus Castle Artist Residency and Vegan Resto in Guatemala as well choreographed a full one hour show for Cosmic Convergence Festival over NYE!

  • we simultaneously ran a Residency in Nicaragua focusing on social circus and choreographing a big performance for Envision Festival in Costa Rica

  • we hosted a Circus Theme Camp at Envision with 7 days of workshops and freakshows while doing nightly performances on the infamous Luna Stage

  • we packed up our bus and went straight back to Nicaragua to open our Music Production and Embodied Mask Work Residency at Playa Maderas (alongside guest teachers like Mose, Inspirit's J Pool, Kristina Block, Tamara Montenegro and Envision cofounder Stephen Brooks)

  • two weeks in and our Residency turned into a full 25-person #CommunityinQuarantine

So you could say the last few months - well, collective 9 month season since arriving to Sumbawa, Indonesia end of August to setup our Aerial Artist Residency there - has been one helluva NONSTOP RIDE.

What has it been like to be 'stuck' up a hill in Nicaragua with some of the most creative minds, artists, and thinkers? Watch our VIDEO below from the first two weeks of quarantine:

Mask 'Who Are You?' - Momentom Artist Residency, Maderas Nicaragua 2020 - Photo by Misty Moss

Momentom Collective - Maderas Community in Quarantine - 2020 Protocols - Inner Classic Quote Those who fall ill brave
Momentom Collective - Maderas Community in Quarantine - 2020 Protocols

John Early and Therese Lowton pouring cacao - Momentom Collective - Maderas Community in Quarantine - 2020 Protocols

Human Beach Sculpture - Momentom Artist Residency, Maderas Nicaragua 2020 - Photo by Misty Moss

*Photo by Misty Moss


Four Residencies, two festival main stage performances and over 1000 workshops and classes across four countries overlapping 240 days of Residency in only 218 days

...just wow!

While this season has been simultaneously the most inspiring and challenging 9 months of my life (with very little time to stop and reflect on it all), the world has now undergone a global shutdown to do exactly that: reflect on what is important in our life, how we connect with others and our planet. I recently dropped into conversation with some of the most influential people in my life to get their insight into the situation and beyond: Justin Faerman and Jackie Knetchel - founders of Flow Consciousness Institute

-What is flow consciousness and how can you tap it to your advantage? -How do the principles of flow relate to how we can best cope with the current Covid19 epidemic?


Thomas Love - founder of Sound of Light Mystery School -What is happening with the Corona Virus and how is global fear affecting our collective consciousness? -How can we transcend and use this monumental shift to allow our higher selves to come to light?

-How does sound frequency relate to connecting with the 5th Dimension?


Thank you everyone for continuing to support my projects, new ideas and perceptions and valuing the importance of art and movement in community.

going live next Saturday to continue to inspire people to express themselves and support artists during this challenging epidemic. $150 USD will go to who YOU vote to having the best performance. I'm excited to have some time to share more ideas and creative content during these times ahead. Sending big love to everyone!

Tu amigo, -John

Momentom Collective Artist Residency - Maderas, Nicaragua 2020 Photo by El Tripador

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