Nicaragua X Deadly Protests X Circus

"Reconsider travel to Nicaragua due to crime and civil unrest."

-US Embassy

Living and running a business in Nicaragua - while the country teeters on potential civil war and government overthrow - has made for quite the experience and range of emotions this past two weeks. As President Ortega has turned into the corrupt dictator he helped overthrow in 1979, the final straw came as his government admitted $160 million of the country's social security money had 'gone missing' and they were going to charge the people higher social security tax while giving them less. The country erupted. (For the best summary, read this article by the LA Times)

Amidst deadly protests in the streets (30+ killed, and 200+ protestors arrested), our Momentom Collective circus family has decided not to give in to the fear and continue our ways based on our values of community, skill-sharing and love. This included our weekly social circus program where we visited a public school in the poorest barrio (neighbourhood) outside of Granada and co-performing at a show and memorial for the leader of the local circus initiative Casa de Botellas.

Taking backroads to get to the school -while protesters and police blocked the streets - the kids and community were ecstatic to have some fun and learn some circus skills - over 200 people showed up! It was an honour to give back to the locals and country we love in a time they need it most. My spiritual gurus tell me that the universe only speaks in positives. It will not manifest in your favour by feeding negative intentions with more negativity. Love + Laughter > Fear + Hate Last week, with a private group cancelling their Full Moon Show booking on our island due to fear of travel in Nicaragua, we instead invited our local staff, drivers and produce providers along with their families to our island for a free circus performance, fire show and veggie dinner. The result was something infinitely more valuable than a paid gig.

Not only did we get to share circus flow arts and teach some new skills and approaches to creative expression (I think we've got some new local circus yogi's in the works!), we bonded in appreciation for this amazing country in which we were thankful for the locals daily help and they were grateful for us treating them like family (and not servants) and supporting jobs for them and their kids.

Speaking of gratitude and following our heart's path, those are some of the topics I discuss on our latest Momentom Podcast with Inuitive Coach and Spiritual Seeker, Tristan Montoya. We discuss his healing practice of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and using intuition to tap into our potential and highest self.

Check it out free on iTunes below:

Regardless, things have settled down here in Nicaragua with peaceful talks beginning between the people and the government. Our artist residency and concious community here on Circus Island continues to thrive as we enter our last month of the season - and final two weeks in Guatemala!

~ Let's continue to be the proof that love > fear ~

Tu Amigo, -John

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