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Does It Serve The Music? - Lessons from Porangui

Atma during Porangui medicine music circle Momentom Collective expression sound artist residency playa maderas nicaragua

What a wild last few months with the kick off of our 7th Momentom Collective season! LOTS to catch up on but wanted to share a few lessons and things from our first Sound Residency (ft. Porangui, NAOBA and Margaux and Matute) that we opened up the season with at Playa Maderas in Nicaragua here. Here are a few short takeaways: ***(all photos by Celeste @capture_myspirit) ~ Does it serve the music? This question - whether for our art, workplace, family relations or community - and being able to know when to chime in, take the lead or listen, is such a potent life skill. “I’m wanting everyone to come up with their own answers. I’ll say a lot of things, but you’ll forget it tomorrow. But if you feel it and embody it, it will stay with you forever.” -Porangui “The voice is the fingerprint of the soul” Lokahi - Hawaiian term for The collective intelligence’ -as a facilitator, how can I best tap and life the Lokahi? Resonance: -when two objects vibrate at the same resonant frequency, they increase the amplitude Hidden 3rd: -when heart rate variability syncs up (whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’), a 3rd magnetic field comes in and is created. The sum is greater than its parts. ex) 1 + 1 + ‘something else’ *We’re constantly downloading each others codes. Fractals of each other. EEG: electrical activity as the brain attempts to interpret the energy of the heart The ‘Cosmic Feedback Loop’ that is constantly reminding you of the perceptual lens that you are grasping reality from. -Dr Corey Deacon (our favourite resident neuroscientist that joined us again)

sound healing troy sound residency momentom collective artist residency

Entrainment: * Natural synchronization of chaos to order Ex. Clocks, women’s moon cycles, fireflies * Different than sympathetic resonance Ex. Sitar strings * Humans entrain each other Ex. DJ’s, Frantic person meeting a grounded person * The further we get from nature, the harder it is for us to entrain on a natural cycle. We get easily disregulated “Crystalize the prayer” * objective for the person leading the group in the middle “The caterpillar doesn’t know its destiny; the miracle that is right around the corner.” -Porangui


Check out our recap video from Tony Tobias from our first Residency and the magic of Playa Maderas by clicking below or HERE


That was just our first Residency in November/ December and we've since had our Green Residency in Costa Rica, our Artist Alchemy Residency over Xmas and NYE (where we cocreated a 2 hour show from scratch in 10 days with 30 people from around the world!) and we've just started our Sound Production Residency ft David Satori (of Beats Antique and Dirtwire) and Izzy Wise! Whew! It's been a ride!

We have also just opened dates to book in for our Artist Village in Nicaragua from Jan 22 - Feb 22. For more info click HERE

Momentom Artist Village residency playa maderas nicaragua 2022 2023

We've also been planning for the wild jungle activation that will be Envision Festival where we will be managing: -a Momentom Theme Camp

-Curating and Cohosting the Circo (Circus) Stage

-Artist Roving and performances

-Teaching many workshops

-hosting the official Festival Decompression* *More info to all of the above coming soon!


On a music note, I've hit over 1000 songs added to my Momentom Mornings playlist on Spotify! It covers feel good morning vibes across all genres (Soul, instrumental, indie rock, downtempo electronic, etc) and has some of my fave songs out there! Check it out HERE


I'll also be announcing some VERY BIG and exciting news about my next project and phase of planting roots in Central America! Stay tuned for more!

Abrazos a todos!

Tu Amigo,


John Early laughing music circle momentom collective residency nicaragua


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