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John Early and Janice Martin (Aerial Violinist) Perform 'Paperbag' at Circus Island Momentom Artist Residency

Our Circus Island Artist Residency has finally come to a close! Just, wow. What a time. ⠀

…but what even IS time?⠀

How do we perceive and judge this crazy made up measurement?⠀

⠀We say time goes faster as we get older for two reasons:⠀⠀

1) The more time goes by the smaller a fraction it is to your individual experience⠀

ex. 1 year at 80 is 1% of your life instead of 1/10th of your life at 10 years old⠀

⠀2) Your younger years generally have all your main measurements/goals of your life ⠀

ex. Getting your driver’s license, first kiss, graduating, first job, etc⠀

If time is simply a measure of a collection of life’s more memorable and impactful experiences…then no wonder why this last 3+ months of our Momentom Residency feels like 3 years! ⠀

Those powerful inner reflections, self expressive aha moments, deep moving conversations, new skills gained, and monumental perception changers that normally only come by every few months (or even years) – and they seem to arise every few hours in Residency! It’s a simultaneous life accelerator as well as time dilator!⠀

So a BIG thank you to every human that was part of this project, and continue to invest in their individual and collective growth and curiosity - and in turn, expand and contract time in the process. It’s a continual process. Let’s enjoy it!

And I’m glad I’ve finally ‘made time’ to reflect back on it.

Final Circus Island 2021 Cabaret with proceeds towards the local Ometepe Cuchillos Health Clinic Ometepe.  Photo by Therese Lowton
Our Final Circus Island Cabaret with proceeds for the local Ometepe Health Clinic. Photo by Therese Lowton

Paperbag. This song has always meant a lot to me.

I wrote it over 10 years ago in ode to those that don’t always have a roof over their head but still dedicated to live their best life and share their smile with others. It was an honour to play a live version with the incredible Aerial Violinist Janice Martin.

Big thank you to Tony Tobias for the capture and to Earl Pereira

for mastering the live audio. Also special shout out to my #JungleBus at

El Pital Ometepe for being the roof over my head and nest to my smile the last three months :) Speaking of Jungle Bus...

Jungle Bus at El Pital, Isla Ometepe Nicaragua Bus Life
Inside John Early's Jungle Bus at El Pital, Isla Ometepe Nicaragua Bus Life

A lot of people have been writing to me asking about where the heck I've been living this whole time! So I gave a little tour of the Jungle Bus I've been living on at El Pital during Residency. Check it out:

I also helped write and compile our Top 10 Moments from our Circus Island Residency.

If you were wondering what some of the standout parts were from running a 3+ Artist Residency x Retreat x Festival during a pandemic were...well, check it out :)

Abrazos de Nicaragua Tu amigo, -John PS Follow the journey on my Insta and stories HERE PPS Congrats you made it to the end of my email! You win a free cheeky photo of moi!

bahaha It can't be unseen now...

John Early at Circus Island Momentom 2021 Isla Ometepe You Look Great Naked Sign


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