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John Early is one of the original resident writers for The Rooster*, and The Free & Easy Perspective.

His articles have also been published in newspapers and magazines around the world including several recent features in SE Asia Backpackers Magazine. 

* [As of Spring 2015 The Rooster has been dropped. But I have linked PDF web archives of the online articles.]

7 Things I Don't Travel Without

How a gypsy appreciates their baggage

Adventures With Japanese Toilets

A Cultural Experience You Can Crap On.

SE Asia Backpacker Travel Feature

Culture Shock Bali: Volcanic Sunrises, Nyepi Festival & Other Tourist Oddities [Pages 26 - 29]

How to Get Lost in Costa Rica Jungles ​

Off the Grid Jungle Life along Costa Rica's
Caribbean Coast

Explaining a Mexican Carnival

A Photo Journal revealing the Flair
of the Mexican Fair

Ziplining Laos' Jungle Treehouses


Hiking and Camping 500 Feet Above the Forest

SE Asia Backpacker Travel Feature

Lombok, Gili Islands and Local Truth Telling Potion [Pages 44 - 47]

4 Reasons to Love Saskatoon

Running back to the Bridge City 

Sleeping Amidst the Monks

Leaving the Tourist Trails for Thailand's Temples

Battling the Dog for the Xmas Goat Leg

Holiday Meals Gone Wrong

Drinking the World's Most Expensive Coffee

Kopi Luwak and the Creature that Creates it

Thrive Magazine Feature Interview

Insight on touring with the Olympic Torch Relay across Canada and carrying the Olympic Flame [Issue 2, 2010]

Interested in having John write for you or publishing some of his work? Let's Talk.​

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