My New ~Maderas EP~ is Now Out!

May 13, 2020



It feels SO good to be back creating and recording music! My two song release The Maderas EP  is out now with the tracks Polaris (think Bibio meets Shakey Graves on a beach) and Meet My Maker ft Felisha Ariana (a world beat hand pan medicine song) is now streaming on Youtube and Soundcloud 🙌❤️


The music was recorded during our Momentom Collective Artist Residency in Maderas, Nicaragua. Big thank you to Joe DeFaria aka DJ and Production wizard J Pool and to Aria Felisha for coming in and singing and improvising so beautifully over my handpan track (which came to me during a bufo ceremony up a mountain overlooking the three volcanos of Lake Atitlan). 

I'm giving away my Maderas EP and all past recordings for free for anyone that buys my book/ ebook or any other donation with proceeds to Integral Heart Family to help families right now fight Covid in Guatemala: or respond back to me via email here. Thank you for your support. 



The last month, I've continued to drop into conversation with some of our favourite influential people on our Momentom Collective Podcast available on Apple Podcasts HERE or below on Youtube:


Adam Roa - Spoken word artist, film maker & founder of The CREATE Community:


-what is the importance of vulnerability for creativity?

-how has self love helped him overcome depression?

-Adam also shares one of his brand new poems on hope for these uncertain times




Holly Clark - Plant medicine facilitator and founder of Earth Pulse Collective:

-Where does bufo toad medicine come from and how does it influence our consciousness?

-What is the difference between synthetic 5 MEO DMT and Bufo?

-How can you define true bliss states?






I feel truly blessed to still be here 'in quarantine' in Nicaragua. 
I'm back managing the sanctuary of Casa Horizon on Playa Escameca with my office directly overlooking the surf, papaya trees and howler monkeys. I'm not sure when the borders will open, flight will resume and when I'll be allowed to leave...and I'm currently pretty ok with that.


Sending everyone big hugs from Nica

Tu amigo, 





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