Thank You! $1000 donated to Integral Heart Foundation in Guatemala

April 14, 2017


We did it! 


$1000 has been donated to the amazing intiative that is the Integral Heart Foundation and it couldn't have happened without everyone's support behind buying, sharing and supporting my book: Tales of the Modern Nomad

Muchas gracias a todos!


This money might not be a lot to some people, 
but it's a lot for a self-published traveling author
and especially a big amount that will go a long ways towards the IHF initiative to help educate, feed and give a caring home for over 80 street kids here in Guatemala. 


Gettting the chance to see first hand the difference this centre has had on these young lives has been incredible. Take Maria, who 8 years ago was living in and scavenging in the Antigua garbage dump to support her parents and family. Today, with the help of IHF, she has been studying and surrounded by the support she needs to reach her goals of being a nurse!


 Maria and Luke (long running IHF volunteer and fellow travel author) at the centre  

Let's never undervalue the difference we can make in the lives of others - no matter how minor it may seem at the time. It's the small things that add up to create the momentom of positive change in the world.  


For anyone still needing a jump start on their summer reading,

proceeds of the hardcover and ebook sales of Tales of the Modern Nomad will continue to benefit the Integral Heart Family HERE.

Again, thank you for the continued support.

Much love from myself, the staff and kids at Integral Heart Family

Tu amigo,


Spending time reading english and playing music for the kids at Integral Heart


"The best way to find youself

is to lose yourself

in the service of others."


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