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The End of Shallow Fruit

The End of Shallow Fruit

It might have taken more years than I care to admit.

But this is what I’ve learned.

If you want to attract and be with

an incredible, beautiful partner

—a real keeper, a 10/10—

You have to drop picking up the easy pickings.

No more low-hanging fruit.

It’s often ripe for the taking,

it can be hard to pass.

But give it up.

If you want someone worthy of a second date…

Quit going after one-night stands.

It’s a sacrifice to better yourself

from superficial distraction.

Convenience thrives on impermanence.

And a full belly

doesn’t always mean

a satisfied appetite.

Grow up and aim higher.

Deserve more.

People can tell if you are used to swimming shallow.

Pretending to tread when you can stand.

Dive into the deep end

and work harder.

Take the risk.

Put yourself out there.

The output often matches the input.

Drop the easy put out

and put the effort in

for quality over discounted quantity.

Nothing sweet ripens in one night.

So forget the easy pickings.

Reach for the higher branch

and end the pursuit of shallow fruit.

The person you deserve

is worth the climb.

John Early

February 2016

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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