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Drunken Sleepwalking in Abandoned Castles

The Art of Being Lost in Europe Whoa…where am I? And why am I alone and intoxicated in this dark castle right now? I’ve never sleepwalked before. It’s a bit weird. As I snap out of my dream state, confusion hits me like reaching the bottom of a long page in a novel without processing any words on it. Where is everyone? Why am I drunk? …Whose castle is this? As I look around I realize all questions are moot at this point. Who cares, I’m in a castle! Chalk up a win for sleepwalking! Well, not to say that waking up at 3 AM completely inebriated and stumbling around unsure which European country I’m in classifies as sleepwalking—but it sure feels the same. I walk past a row of statues holding c

Stealing Sunset Surf

We have been waiting in the water all day. Everyone sitting quietly on their boards, scattered in the sun, dotting the ocean like freckles on a redhead in the summer. No waves for this lineup today. And we are hungry for a wave. ¿Hola olas? ¿Dónde están? The wind picks up and wicks the last moisture from my skin, leaving a slight grit of sea salt that I can taste on my face. Here we are. Over a dozen of us, sitting in the ocean and dry. Every one of us is facing the fading sun, as it begins its attempt to turn the Pacific Ocean gold. I can sense the entire lineup drift further into their meditati

"Endlessly entertaining and enlightening."
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What do a  monk, a stripper and LSD have in common?     My New Book.

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